Why are glass beads widely used?

Update time:30-10-2020

Glass beads are a very, very common kind of daily neces […]

Glass beads are a very, very common kind of daily necessities in daily life. We may be more common in some jewelry, but are these small beads only used for these purposes? Of course not, they can actually be used in some unexpected places, such as paving roads, or work clothes for sanitation workers. There are only things you can't think of without it.


1. Use on the road

Everyone must know that after turning on the lights, we will find that the road signs can reflect light so that these signs can be seen at night. In fact, they buried the glass beads when they were laying the road, so the reflection of light would appear. Moreover, these specially treated beads, even if the car is rolled back and forth on them, will not weaken their reflective ability at all, which can effectively reduce maintenance costs.

2. Enhance other performance

Do you think these little beads can only reflect light? Not really! After the beads are ground and processed, they can be added to other materials and mixed with them to play a synergistic effect. For example, some ground beads can be added to the glass fiber reinforced plastic to obtain better high temperature resistance and abrasion resistance.

So don't underestimate the glass beads. Although they are small, they can play a particularly large role.