What kind of material is the glass beads mainly made of

Update time:15-02-2019

The glass beads are made of Peng silicate and are made […]

The glass beads are made of Peng silicate and are made by high-tech processing. It has better hydrophilic and lipophilic properties, especially in organic solutions, so it is very important to choose better.
Although the materials are relatively uniform, but the performance index is quite different. Low-cost glass beads have many properties, low thermal conductivity, high melting point and do not affect the overall performance as a filling material, but also promote. Of course, we also see that glass beads are the best representative of them. The performance index of each aspect is very high, and the application is quite extensive.
For example, we use glass beads into architectural coatings to enhance the viscosity of the coating and improve the thermal insulation properties of the coating. Of course, in order to better protect the demand, then we hope to enjoy the best protection from it, the advantages are also very good, and the reliability will be greatly improved, and the products provided by reliable manufacturers are more cost-effective.

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