What is the reflection effect of glass beads?

Update time:06-03-2020

Glass bead reflective signs are more eye-catching at ni […]

Glass bead reflective signs are more eye-catching at night. The use of reflective bead transmitters solves the problem of vehicle safety guidance and prolongs the service life. On this basis, in order to ensure the quality of the contour label product, the quality of the product is reflected in the details.
The production method of this product is to re-melt glass powder with a certain particle diameter by high temperature air, and then use surface tension to form micro beads. The high-pressure air or high-temperature gas can also be used to atomize the molten glass into microbeads.

1. High refractive index glass microspheres: beads are mainly used to make engineering-grade reflective films for traffic management signs. It requires glass microspheres with a particle size range of 37 to 90 microns. In addition, since light propagates back and forth within the glass microbeads, it is required that the microbead glass absorbs as little light as possible and has high transparency.

2. Quasi-high refractive index glass beads: refractive index is 1.9 to 2.0. The glass composition and production method are similar to those of high refractive index glass beads, but the TIOZ content in the glass component decreases, while the BaO and 5102 content increase.