What is the raw material for making glass balls?

Update time:11-05-2019

The raw material for making glass balls can only be gla […]

The raw material for making glass balls can only be glass. The glass is industrially produced. The raw materials are mainly quartz sand, feldspar, calcite, thenardite, etc. These ores should be heated to more than a thousand degrees to react to form glass. Usually children play. The diameter of the glass ball is about 1 cm, and its production method is as follows:

The raw materials for glass balls are mostly natural ores. Therefore, in order to manufacture glass spheres, various ores are first pulverized, powdered, and then mixed according to the glass components, and then sent to a glass melting furnace for melting to form a glass. The qualified glass liquid flows through the feed tank and flows out from the feed port to form the temperature of the stock strand. The medium alkali glass sphere is generally 1150~1170 ° C, and the alkali-free glass is 1200~1220 ° C. Cut into a globular embryo nearly 200 times.

The globules pass through the chute, the ball splitter, and are moved by the ball dividing plate, respectively, rolled into different funnels, and then fall into the ball formed by the three rollers with the same direction of rotation. In the groove, the ball embryo rotates on the roller and its surface tension acts to gradually form a smooth round glass ball.