What is the identification method of natural glass stone?

Update time:25-09-2020

Identification method of natural glass stone: 1. Morpho […]

Identification method of natural glass stone:

1. Morphological characteristics:
Many directional meteorites have a corrugated surface, while many stony meteorites have more low-fingerprints or airmarks on the surface. Meteorite samples are generally irregular, but have rounded edges. Artificial iron or stainless steel has straight The sides may be at an angle of 90°.
2. Melting shell:
Because meteorites enter the atmosphere at a high speed and friction with air molecules, newly-falling meteorites have a black (or black-gray) fusion crust covering the surface. The fusion crust of stone meteorites is about 1 mm thick, while directional meteorites are dense due to their high density. The thickness of the molten crust is much thinner. The surface of the meteorite has a rhyolite or streamline structure due to the erosion of the molten material when it passes through the atmosphere.
3. Density:
Rocks behave differently in density, so density is an important tool to distinguish meteorites from earth rocks, but it cannot be used as a determining factor for identification. The density of directional meteorites is very high, reaching 7-8g/cm3. Most meteorites are ordinary chondrites, with a density range of 3.0-3.7 g/cm3, which is slightly higher than that of earth rocks, such as limestone (density approximately 2.6 g/cm3), quartzite (2.7 g/cm3), granite (2.7-2.8) g/cm3), is the most common low-density rock on earth. But some meteorites are also very low density
4. Magnetic characteristics:
Except for some rare types of meteorites, such as achondrites, lunar meteorites and Martian meteorites, which are not magnetic, most meteorites are magnetic. This property is due to the metal. Most rocks on the earth are not magnetic, but some earth rocks, such as some rocks containing magnetite and iron-rich minerals, also contain magnetism. Magnets or iron objects can be used to test whether natural glass stones are magnetic.