What is the color of the glass beads?

Update time:16-08-2019

The glass beads are various in color and have a smooth […]

The glass beads are various in color and have a smooth surface and a round shape, and the main body is transparent and free from impurities. Placed in the sun, it is very bright. And the product has a high rounding rate of 85%, and the bubble content in the glass beads is generally less than 10%. It acts on the organic material to make the material even better. When buying glass beads, you will find that the color of the glass beads is very diverse, but what we usually see is pure white. In addition, there will be some colored glass beads, which are of course rare. The common ones are still white. It is a combination of chemical products, so it is more common to have white, so we have to pay attention to the following advantages.
1. High dispersion, better liquidity
When buying glass beads, you must look at its dispersive fluidity. If its dispersive fluidity is good, this product is worthy of choice. If the dispersive liquidity is not particularly good, The product may not be so worth choosing.
2. Water absorption rate
The water absorption of the glass beads is relatively low, especially the high quality glass beads, which not only have a low water absorption rate, but also have a relatively low sound insulation.
‍‍ I also recommend that you understand the oil absorption rate of glass beads, good glass beads, its oil absorption rate is also relatively low. Before buying glass beads, I suggest that you understand these basic details. This is also a way to purchase a more suitable product type.