What are the wide applications of glass beads

Update time:22-08-2020

With the continuous development of society, there are m […]

With the continuous development of society, there are more and more manufacturers of glass products, and the use of glass beads in society has become more and more extensive. Walking on the road, you can see the little rays of sunlight reflected on glass beads; in life, you can see many exquisite crafts made of glass beads; in shopping malls, you can see clothes and shoes Will be inlaid with glass beads of various colors. This shows that glass beads have gradually entered people's lives.



The application of glass beads in roads is mainly in normal temperature and hot-melt road marking paints, in order to ensure the long-term reflection of road markings during the life of the road. With the application of glass beads on the road, the refractive index of road markings can be enhanced, and the safety of drivers at night can be improved, and it has the effects of self-cleaning, moisture-proof and anti-fouling. Glass beads have a high refractive index, so in addition to the application on the road, they are also widely used in some products such as reflective signs, reflective fabrics, reflective coatings, and night wear. In addition, in the production of handicrafts, glass beads are also an ideal material. They can be used for surface decoration of artificial flowers and fruit crafts, as well as hourglasses, quicksand, clothing printing, heat transfer, etc. Glass beads are also widely used in various fields such as industry, medical treatment, and aviation.

It can be seen from the above that glass beads are slowly approaching people's lives and already occupy an important position. People's demand for glass beads is also increasing.