What are the specific uses of glass bead products

Update time:25-05-2019

Many new types of glass-silicon materials occupy an inc […]

Many new types of glass-silicon materials occupy an increasingly important position in many technical applications. Many products have very good application properties in use, especially for such materials, which have very good thermal insulation and insulation effects. Through the processing of many composite technologies, more and more technical applications have perfect properties.
In many architectural environments, many glass windows and other materials are due to their unique protective functions and special application properties, and more and more have become the childish materials that people continue to use. In many technical processing fields, many glass fiber and glass microbead products have unique properties, and many have become special materials for people to carry out renovation and processing work.
In the current material use, the main application of glass microbeads is as an additive to many protective layers. Because of its good water repellency and moisture-proof effect, under the condition of non-thermal conductivity, it greatly facilitates people's protection of the environment, and to the greatest extent, it helps people's production and life.

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