What are the special features of glass beads?

Update time:14-08-2020

As a new technology and new material, 4mm glass balls h […]

As a new technology and new material, 4mm glass balls have attracted more and more people's interest, hoping to understand what special features it has and where it is used to help people. It can be used in more scopes and places, and it can also bring a lot of help to people's normal life and work.


Its main raw material is borosilicate. Using some high-tech methods, this material can be effectively processed to make it into a substance with smaller particles. Because of its small size and high strength, it can be used in many practical aspects after processing. For example, it can be used as a reflective material in some traffic applications, especially for night driving. In other words, it has very important usage significance.



Glass beads not only have significant characteristics in some application fields, but they can also effectively utilize their own characteristics, have a certain heat insulation effect, and have good sound insulation capabilities, so they have been recognized by people. Not only that, some artificial agate and artificial marble can also be applied to such a special material, so from many angles, it can bring people a lot of help.