What are the special applications of glass beads

Update time:13-06-2020

Glass beads can also be used in resin, is this true? Ma […]

Glass beads can also be used in resin, is this true? Many people will have such doubts. We just know the application of glass microbeads in road paving and grinding glass microbeads. We do not know very well that glass microbeads can be used in resins. Mainly because of some properties of glass beads, it can be used in resin.



Because Glass balls are tiny spherical, they have better flow performance than particles of other shapes. In liquid, spherical glass beads are easier to roll, and the resulting microsphere effect reduces the viscosity of the mixture. The mold filling performance is naturally excellent, and good processing performance can increase production efficiency by 15% to 20%, so it is widely used.

We all know that spherical objects are isotropic, so glass-filled beads will not cause the inconsistency of shrinkage in different parts due to orientation, which ensures the stability of our products and will not warp. The phenomenon has solved the problem of long-term deformation of products such as profiled materials.