What are the precautions for glass frosting

Update time:20-05-2020

Glass frosting is a method of treating the glass surfac […]

Glass frosting is a method of treating the glass surface with a solution made of glass frosting powder or other chemical raw materials. Frosting is one of the methods of deep processing of glass. Glass frosting can increase the added value of glass, thereby increasing the value of glass products. What are the precautions for frosted glass?

Matters needing attention in glass frosting are as follows:
(1) Frosting liquid must be prepared in plastic or anticorrosive metal containers;
(2) Rubber gloves should be worn to prevent burns to the skin. If it comes into contact with the skin, it should be rinsed with water in time;
(3) The surface of glass products must be cleaned;
(4) The amount of acid added should be adjusted according to different glass materials. Water must be added before sulfuric acid;
(5) The frosted liquid needs to be stirred evenly before use, and it should be stored with a lid when not in use;
(6) In the use of frosted liquid, frosted powder and sulfuric acid should be added in time;
(7) Wastewater in production can be discharged after neutralization with quick lime.

These are the precautions for frosted glass. Mastering the precautions of glass frosting, people can try to avoid mistakes in the process of glass frosting, and also have a more detailed understanding of the process of glass frosting.