What are the choices of glass beads

Update time:20-03-2020

Glass beads are a kind of "treasure" that has a conside […]

Glass beads are a kind of "treasure" that has a considerable amount of records in ancient literature in China, and have developed to the present. Various colorful and diverse glass beads have completely replaced glass beads. They are used in many decorations and jewelry. Has been applied, when buying, we can judge from the following aspects.

First, Reflectivity

The characteristics of glass are transparent and reflective. Therefore, in the selection of this kind of bead, we should pay attention to its reflectivity. From the reflectivity, we can easily see the material characteristics of the glass itself. Glass, however, requires good reflectivity.

Second, look at the color

The most eye-catching place of all kinds of glass beads is definitely its color. The current beads can be called a thousand colors and hundreds of colors. Monochrome, two-color, and color are all available. Fineness and uniformity are also an important aspect of judging the overall work of the beads.

Third, the finish

If a bead is placed on a smooth table and cannot be rolled, it must be because its shape is not round and smooth enough, so when you buy it, you can directly touch it, and sometimes the transparent material Let us not see its appearance defects, but the fingers can be sensitively inspected.