What are the characteristics of oxidized glass beads

Update time:03-07-2020

What are the characteristics of oxidized Small glass ba […]

What are the characteristics of oxidized Small glass balls? Many people may not know these. Let me introduce them to you. Glass often shows different colors in rocks, such as brown, brick red, brown, gray-green and so on. It is generally glassy, has a shell-like fracture, and is brittle.

Vitreous is an unstable substance, and over time, they will gradually transform into crystalline substances, which is called devitrification. Therefore, glassiness appears only in the newer spouting rock. The silver halide-containing color-changing glass seen in the glass beads is to add a small amount of silver halide (AgX) as a sensitizer to the sodium aluminum borate glass, and then add trace copper and cadmium ions as a sensitizer. Temperature heat treatment to make silver halide into particles.

When it is irradiated by ultraviolet or visible light short wave, silver ions are reduced to silver atoms, and some silver atoms are aggregated into colloids to make the glass color; after the light stops, under the irradiation of thermal radiation or long wave light (red or infrared), the silver atoms It becomes silver ions and fades.