What are the characteristics of landscape glass sand?

Update time:14-11-2020

Landscape glass sand is actually small glass particles. […]

Landscape glass sand is actually small glass particles. It plays a great role in industrial production. Especially in the production of some handicrafts, this material will be used for appearance and color processing, so as to achieve a kind of unevenness. The three-dimensional effect has become a new style trend of jewelry.

1. Colorful

In the choice of this material, users can have the most diversified choices, from colorless and transparent glass to colorful glass, all kinds of colors, especially for some products used to make jewelry surface patterns, more It is necessary to use several different colors of glass, which increases the appearance of the product.

2. Security

Different from ordinary glass, this kind of decorative landscape glass sand has made great improvements in safety. First, its strength is strengthened, and it will not break easily. Secondly, its molecular structure is also different. It does not produce too many spikes, but directly turns into powder, which is not easy to hurt others.

3, more practical

The practicability of this kind of sand is actually very wide, because it can not only be used to embellish ornaments, but also can be used to directly make ornaments. Nowadays, many vases, water bottles, picture frames, etc., use this kind of sand. It has become a popular industry because of its low cost, simple production, and beautiful finished products.