Use of industrial glass beads

Update time:12-10-2019

Industrial glass beads utilize the characteristics of t […]

Industrial glass beads utilize the characteristics of the shape, hardness and chemical stability of the glass beads. Mainly used in the following aspects:
1. Sandblasting and shot peening of metal parts to improve the fatigue resistance and stress corrosion resistance of metal parts. Glass beads are generally required to have high hardness and wear resistance.
2. Plastic filler. Adding hollow or solid glass balls to the plastic reduces shrinkage and increases fluidity. E glass beads are often used when strength and electrical insulation properties are required.
3. Filter the material. The spherical and stable filling characteristics of the glass microbeads are used to obtain a certain porosity, which is easy to clean and ash by its chemical stability and heat resistance. Glass beads of high silica content are generally used.
4. Grinding media. Glass microbeads are used for the comminution and mixing of dyes, pigments, foods and microorganisms due to their colorless and chemically stable properties.
5. Insulation and floating material. The hollow glass bead is made into a composite material by using the characteristics of small bulk density, pressure resistance, heat resistance and heat insulation, and is used as a heat insulating material for a submarine and a floating body for marine development.