The size of glass beads is more important

Update time:11-07-2020

The glass beads in childhood are different from the Fro […]

The glass beads in childhood are different from the Frosted Glass Balls used now. The price of glass beads is very different now. The effect of the product in the actual application process is also very different.

First: Don't pay too much attention to color.

‍‍Many people buy glass beads, the first thing is to look at its color, but the color is not important, more important is its performance, whether all levels can meet your requirements.

‍‍ 2: Size.

Size is a very critical part, because the size is not suitable, and it is very troublesome in the later stage.

The size of glass beads is divided into many types, and the error of its diameter is different. Sometimes the purchase of glass beads will let the merchant provide its size, but the merchant will not provide the error. When buying glass beads, in addition to understanding the basic size, it is necessary to understand its error, whether it can meet our requirements.

Third: Find a distributor to buy.

There are many merchants on the Internet, it is not necessarily said that we must buy glass beads from a certain merchant, as long as you find a direct sales manufacturer, you can buy it, because direct merchants are very cost-effective, it will be more cost-effective than dealers Many, so this is also a suggestion for everyone.