The main component of the glass balls

Update time:13-07-2019

The main components of commercially available glass sph […]

The main components of commercially available glass spheres include silica, alumina, and the like, and these components determine the glass ball to have better electrical insulation, melting point, and the like. It can be used in engineering materials to reduce weight, so its light weight is also a big advantage, so it is often used in paints.

In order to be able to meet the requirements of use in a variety of occasions, then the purchase of glass balls should start with quality manufacturers, which will bring higher cost performance. The best glass microspheres are inexpensive, stable, and have the widest range of applications, so these are the ultimate benefits.

On the whole, the composition of the glass sphere is more complicated, but its advantage is more obvious, bringing more benefits to production and life, and the protection it can obtain is also very good. If you want to make the overall rendering better, you should conduct a comprehensive evaluation from more aspects, and finally make the best choices. Only in this way can you improve the price/performance ratio.