The main application of glass beads in the market

Update time:28-02-2020

Glass bead is one of the very large glass materials cur […]

Glass bead is one of the very large glass materials currently used, and it is also a representative product of a new type of advanced glass material production technology. Each improvement of the processing technology can lead to the improvement of the quality of the finished product and performance. The advanced glass bead production process now used can make the glass that was once vulnerable to everyone stronger and more practical. Such glass products are truly more in line with the needs of modern society.

The glass beads that have been improved in the production process are naturally no longer just glass bullets for entertainment, but glass products that can truly enter various industries in modern society. Its application approach is also expanding indefinitely with the improvement of the technological level.

Glass microbeads are completely new materials, and their practical use completely breaks through the previous areas. The applications of materials are mainly those hot frontiers, and each one is a very hot and promising industrial field. Such as the hot electronics industry, very high-end aerospace supplies.