The difference between glass ball and crystal ball

Update time:29-12-2018

The crystal ball has a high ornamental value, so the pr […]

The crystal ball has a high ornamental value, so the price is also very high. A good crystal ball of 10 cm or more, worth 10,000 to several hundred thousand yuan. Driven by economic interests, unscrupulous businessmen take the glass ball as a crystal ball in order to obtain huge profits.

Whether it is a crystal ball or a glass ball is very simple and reliable. Just put a piece of hair on a piece of white paper, press the ball on the hair, continuously move the ball and observe the change of the hair through the sphere. It is found that the double shadow of the hair is a crystal ball. Can not see the hair double shadow is a glass ball. This is because crystal has a birefringence and glass is an amorphous body that is only refracted.

The jewellery market has valuable crystal treasures and fine products, as well as imitation crystal products with fish eyes. Crystal is a glass product. If it is very easy to identify the true and false in the case of instrument detection, however, consumers can not bring the instrument to buy crystal jewelry, so it is very important to master some simple identification methods, so as not to be deceived.

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