Significance of reflective performance of glass beads in road traffic

Update time:28-03-2020

Glass beads are abrasives with unique characteristics. […]

Glass beads are abrasives with unique characteristics. They are widely used in cleaning or metal surface strengthening processes, and are mainly used in sandblasting equipment. Glass beads are made by breaking and sorting high-quality cullet. During the manufacturing process, the broken glass should be melted into a sphere and annealed to eliminate internal stress and prevent damage. This transparent and clear spherical structure product will not have particles embedded in the workpiece, contaminate the workpiece or cause other damage. With different sized abrasive tools and different operating parameters, glass beads will obtain different gloss on the surface of the workpiece. Selecting shot-blasted glass beads for sand blasting for partial coverage on the surface of the workpiece can produce special decorative effects.

Glass bead reflective signs are more eye-catching at night. The use of reflective bead transmitters solves the problem of vehicle safety guidance and prolongs the service life. On this basis, in order to ensure the quality of the contour marker products and reflect the characteristics of Penghu Landscape in the details, the project office carefully selected the contour markers and adopted a high standard across the entire line to use Austrian Schwarz (Beijing) Transportation Technology Co., Ltd. In particular, the solar wireless wireless flashing projection is used uniformly in the interconnecting and connecting lines. This product uses directional light technology, which has strong beam penetration, obvious energy saving effects, and can produce the best recognition effect in rainy and foggy days.

The excellent properties of glass beads make it very suitable for the selection of workpieces with strict deviation requirements. The surface of the workpiece will not be damaged when cleaning or deburring. In addition, the inherent strength of glass beads makes them suitable for use in equipment where abrasives can be recycled.

1. Glass beads metal oxide layer, carbide black skin, metal or non-metal surface rust removal, such as gravity die-casting mold, rubber mold oxide or release agent removal, ceramic surface black spots, uranium color removal, painting rebirth .

2. Remove burrs of bakelite, plastic, zinc, aluminum die-casting, electronic parts, magnetic core, etc.

3. Teflon, PU, ​​rubber, plastic coating, rubber roller (ROLLER), electroplating, metal spray welding, titanium plating and other pre-treatments to increase surface adhesion.

4. Stress relief processing for aerospace, national defense, precision industry parts, rust removal, paint removal, matting, and repair.