Production of hollow glass balls

Update time:30-11-2018

Basically, Hollow Glass Spheres are glass balls made up […]

Basically, Hollow Glass Spheres are glass balls made up of very tiny particle sized similar shaped spheres. We can use the term microspheres to define this sphere. Ceno technologies have developed these spheres which are used for various purposes.

Generally, these Hollow Glass Spheres are used as filler for various materials. The main properties these spheres impart into the material they are filled are low thermal conductivity, resistance to compressive stress and most importantly, light weight. These are used as fillers for different types of syntactic foam and also for light weight concrete.

Hollow Glass Spheres are made up of minute particle in the size of 11-18 micrometers. These are very small, but when patched up together, they make a small balloon sizes glass sphere called as Hollow Glass Microsphere. The size of this sphere is from 10-300 micrometers. We shall discuss uses and different types of Small glass ball such spheres.

Given the above mentioned properties of the spheres, these are used in deep sea drilling for oil and also in the hulls for submersibles. These spheres are also used as a composite filling agent in polymer resins generally to make large boat hulls. These spheres give the resin properties like sandability, weight and the providence of a sealing surface.