Method for preparing glass beads

Update time:01-03-2019

(1) Impeller projecting method It uses an impeller (or […]

(1) Impeller projecting method It uses an impeller (or gear) with a certain speed to separate and vertically drop the glass stream into a glass droplet. The droplets are beaded by the action of their own tension during the process of throwing. Then they are cooled, solidified, and fallen, and collected by the dust collecting device.

(2) The calcination process is as follows: the cullet is pulverized to the desired particle size, and then 3% to 7% of the isolating powder (carbon black powder, graphite and other release agent) is added, wetted, and thoroughly mixed (so that The incorporated carbon black powder adheres well to the outer surface of the glass frit. The batch material is fed into the electric heating forming furnace by the feeding system. When heated to a high temperature of 900 ° C, the glass particles soften (plastic) and soften the material. The bead body is formed under the action of its own surface tension, and the bead body is cooled and discharged into the collector, and the coarse particle isolation powder in the collector is separated, the black residue of the release agent on the outer surface of the glass microbead is cleaned, and then the bead body is flamed ( Drying) polishing to obtain the ideal glass beads.

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