Method for manufacturing frosted glass

Update time:08-12-2018

A process for producing frosted glass by chemical metho […]

A process for producing frosted glass by chemical methods, the process of which is:

1.Cleaning and drying: Firstly, the flat glass for producing frosted glass is washed with water to remove dust and stains, and then dried;

2.Hoisting: The flat glass after cleaning and drying is placed on the lifting frame. The part of the lifting frame that is in contact with the glass is padded with a toothed rubber bracket, the glass is discharged vertically, and the distance between the glass and the glass is a certain distance. Lift with a crane;

3.Corrosion: Dip the flat glass together with the lifting frame into the corrosion box with a crane, immerse the glass with a conventional corrosive liquid, and etch the time for 5-10 minutes. After lifting with a crane, drain the residual liquid;

4. Softening: After dripping off the residual liquid, a layer of residue is adhered on the frosted glass, softened in a softening box, immersed in glass with a conventional softening liquid, softened for 1-2 minutes, and the residue is removed;

5. Cleaning: Since the Frosted Glass Ball body has many chemicals due to corrosion and softening, it must be cleaned, and the frosted glass is placed on the slide of the washing machine. The slide channel drives the frosted glass into the washing machine, and the washing machine sprays water into the washing machine. Rotate the brush, and when the frosted glass is taken out of the washing machine by the washing machine slide, the frosted glass is cleaned;

6.The cleaned frosted glass is placed in a drying room to be dried, which is a single-sided or double-sided frosted glass.