Improve the strength and toughness of shot blasting glass beads

Update time:15-03-2019

The biggest feature of shot peening glass beads is that […]

The biggest feature of shot peening glass beads is that its hardness is at least 6-7 Mohs and has a certain degree of singularity. The rounding rate is at least 90%. The road reflective glass beads do not require hardness. Generally, ordinary glass can be used as raw materials, and the rounding rate requires a minimum of 75%.
    To improve the strength and toughness of shot peening, there are several aspects:
    First: There must be a special shot blast glass bead glass formula, according to the formula to prepare raw materials, glass blocks are crushed and screened according to the specifications. Then, the furnace is fired and annealed, and then sieved according to specifications to package the finished product. Formulation is especially important throughout the manufacturing process. The formula of our company is the secret recipe developed by the Institute of Silicate of East China University of Science and Technology. Its hardness, entanglement and rounding rate are higher than the standards of SAE (American Society of Automotive Engineers), and it meets the national energy conservation and environmental protection requirements. .
    Second: the requirements for annealing are higher. After the shot blasting glass beads are formed, there are many irregular distributions inside the beads. The uneven residual stress will greatly reduce the strength. The crushing phenomenon will occur at any time during the use. The crushing source often occurs in the place where the stress is concentrated, and must be gradually The annealing process can eliminate these stresses. The annealing time and annealing speed during the annealing process directly affect the strength of the shot glass beads.
    Third, the rounding rate of the shot blasting glass beads also affects the mechanical strength. Under the same material, the more sharp glass beads, the lower the strength; the higher the rounding rate, the higher the strength.
Fourth, the better the uniformity of the shot blasting glass beads, the more uniform the force of the workpiece during the shot peening process, and the lower the relative breaking rate, prolonging the service life of the consumables.
    The road reflective glass beads require a polar match and a refractive index index, that is, there is no need to form a glass for the assembly, and no annealing or the like is required. Generally, used bottles and used ordinary glass can satisfy these indexes, so raw materials are easy and cheap. From the appearance, there is not much difference between the shot glass beads, which is also used by some manufacturers to blind users. Really used, its use rate is high, and some special parts are almost broken once when shot peening. In this way, it seems that after the user purchases such a product, the one-time cost is low, and after the actual use, the total cost is increased a lot.

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