How to choose glass balls

Update time:12-01-2019

There are four main points to look at when buying: tran […]

There are four main points to look at when buying: transparency, roundness, cleanliness, and the material of the glass material.
1. The first is transparency. The transparency requirement of glass beads is that the higher the transparency, the better the quality of the beads in terms of reflection;
2. The rate of rounding is to meet the national standards in order to be considered as qualified products. The national regulations should achieve a rounding rate of more than 70%;
3. The second is the cleanliness of the glass beads, which is similar to the principle of transparency. The cleanliness means that the higher the cleanliness of the glass beads, the higher the reflectivity, and the less clean beads indicate the incorporation. Impurities, such products are unqualified products;
4. Finally, raw material glass, the most important raw material of glass microbeads is glass, so the quality of glass is an important factor affecting the quality of glass microbeads. It is necessary to choose different glass raw materials according to different uses, such as wine bottles. The products produced by the glass, and the products produced after the tempered glass is pulverized, will be different in the application industry of these two types of products.

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