How about the beauty and environmental protection of colored glass beads?

Update time:25-07-2020

What are colored glass beads? After special processing, […]

What are colored glass beads? After special processing, they have water-repellent and lipophilic functions, which are beneficial to be incorporated into various organic materials. The versatility and practicality of glass beads are gradually becoming known. Glass beads can be applied to decorative materials such as stained glass. With the improvement of material living conditions, many families have begun to replace their houses and improve the decoration of living conditions. In the decoration, young people with modern decoration ideas are more able to accept synthetic decoration Materials, so as to save decoration costs while ensuring that the decoration materials have better quality.

Colored glass beads can be applied to exterior wall decoration materials

Decorative materials that also need to be kept clean are exterior wall marble and other materials. When glass beads are added to exterior wall marble and other materials, glass beads can also play a better role in keeping the wall clean, so It is also widely used by owners.

The aesthetics of craft colored 4mm glass balls

Glass products have a very beautiful nickname called Liuli. Its appearance is smooth and regular, and the whole crystal is crystal clear, without impurities, and the appearance is pure white. It is perfect for any product that requires appearance. Glass beads can be used in handicrafts and marble. They not only have a good thermal insulation effect, but are also light in texture and beautiful in appearance. They are the first choice for major handicraft coatings. Craft colored glass microbeads are widely used in handicrafts. Their colorful and non-fading characteristics are deeply loved by young men and women. Through the different colors of glass beads put together into colorful patterns, making exquisite cross stitch gifts has become the choice of more and more people. It can be seen that the colorful glass beads are colorful and have a wide audience.

Glass beads can be used in hard furnishings

Glass beads have been successfully used in artificial marble and artificial agate because of their high temperature resistance, insulation, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, the magnificent style of many home decorations is due to this decoration material. Glass beads not only have the above-mentioned good characteristics, but another characteristic is that they are not lipophilic and hydrophilic, which is very important for the characteristics of household decoration materials that require surface cleaning. In addition, glass beads also have colorless properties, so no matter which color is added, they look very harmonious. It is the preferred additive for artificial marble materials and other materials.