Glass sand, glass sand use, properties and characteristics of glass sand

Update time:11-01-2020

Shape of glass sand: glass sand, glass sand is divided […]

Shape of glass sand: glass sand, glass sand is divided into colored glass sand and transparent glass sand, transparent glass sand looks like white sugar, glass sand is used for glass surface decoration, such as glass cups, vases, lampshades, etc. The glass sand is fused with the glass workpiece to form an uneven three-dimensional surface. Also, silica sand is mainly used for making glass products. Simply put, it is silicon-containing sand, and ordinary sand contains silicon. Generally, sand with high silicon content is a good raw material for glass. Dyed glass sand can also be used in decorative or artistic fields.

Features of glass sand: The surface is even and delicate, the hand feels lubricated, the appearance is hazy and beautiful, and the light transmission is soft. It is not only used as high-to-medium-grade building decoration, protection, and landscaping materials, and to decorate eastern and western-style buildings. It is also a green product that improves the environment and saves energy.

Application range of glass sand:

1. Strike aerospace parts to eliminate their stress to increase fatigue strength and reduce friction and wear.

2. Sand blasting, rust removing, paint removing, carbon deposit removing, and processing knife marks.

3. Anode treatment and pre-plating treatment can increase the adhesion area in addition to cleaning.

4. Aesthetic processing such as cleaning the bead of stainless steel workpieces and removing surface scratches.

5. Clean and derust of wire cutting mold.

6. Remove mold release glass beads (sand) from rubber molds.

Glass sand use:

1. Matt surface treatment of stainless steel products.

2. It is used to clean up various molds.

3. The semiconductor device and the plastic package are cleaned to remove the edge stabs before tin on the tube.

4. Shot peening for medical equipment, textile machinery and various hardware products.

5.Surface cleaning, beautification processing, etching processing, pre-processing processing, depilation processing, stress relief processing, mold processing