Glass ball washing method

Update time:23-03-2019

Before the glass ball is used, it must be washed, that […]

Before the glass ball is used, it must be washed, that is, the appearance of the user is re-examined. Generally, a drum type ball washing machine is used, which is washed in hot water of 80 ° C or higher to wash dust and dirt on the surface of the glass ball. After cleaning the glass ball, the ball is selected according to the appearance quality standard.
The glass ball washed by the ball selection system flows through the bottom mount "(, the frosted glass workbench of the fluorescent lamp, and the appearance of the flaw is checked by the naked eye.
1. Check the diameter of the glass ball with two kinds of porous steel ball screens with apertures of 20.2mm and 18.8mm, check the roundness with a vernier caliper, and pick out oversized balls, shaped balls, broken balls, bonded balls, twin balls. .
2. Pick out bubble balls, raw material stone balls, refractory stone balls, ball balls, alkali-free phase separation balls and crystal balls according to the standard; pick out the oil ball, red ball (rust), white ball (alkali powder); Pick out deep groove balls and severe scissors.
3. Generally take 300 packs as a batch, take 10 packs randomly from them, and take 50 balls per pack as samples for visual inspection. The stone point is not more than 1% of the sample ball; the total pass rate is not less than 97%. The batch is acceptable for appearance. Otherwise the ball is judged as unqualified.
Qualified glass balls, or bags, or boxes, hang on the drawing unit platform, or lift into the high-position ball box, ball box for use. When in use, it is transported by manual or chute to the ball adding machine.

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