Glass ball production method

Update time:30-08-2019

The glass ball production method is to re-melt a certai […]

The glass ball production method is to re-melt a certain size of the glass frit by passing it through high-temperature air, and then forming the microbeads by surface tension. The molten glass can also be atomized into high beads by high pressure air or high temperature gas.
1. High-refractive-index glass ball: It is mainly used to manufacture engineering-grade reflective film for traffic management signs. It requires the particle size range of the glass ball to be 37-90. In addition, since the light propagates back and forth in the glass sphere, it is required that the light absorption of the bead glass is as small as possible and the transparency is high.
2. Quasi-high refractive index glass spheres: refractive index of 1.9 to 2.0. The glass composition and production method are the same as those of the high refractive index glass sphere, but the TIOZ content in the glass composition is reduced, while the BaO and 5102 contents are increased.