Application of glass beads in daily life

Update time:14-12-2019

There are always too many unknown items in people's dai […]

There are always too many unknown items in people's daily life. Some are covered with different colors and make people do not know its inner essence, and some are serving people's daily life from different perspectives. . Let ’s take a look at the relationship between glass beads and people ’s daily lives, and also introduce the performance of glass beads. The properties of glass beads are actually worth knowing, because at present, many people may only know about its properties in terms of some parameters on the surface, and do not particularly understand some of its intrinsic properties. So today we Let me give you a brief introduction.

Glass beads can be classified into many types, such as mechanical application types, precision mechanical application types, and decorative types. When glass beads are used in high-precision machinery, they are generally used to remove dirt and rust inside the machine, so that the machine's internal structure can be cleaned and cleaned without damaging the internal structure of the machine. Also, reflective glass beads are a type of glass beads that are closely related to people's daily life. Reflective glass beads are mainly used in the marking of roads. Reflective glass beads are used in combination with coatings to allow passers-by at all angles. Clearly identify the position of the scribe line, which will bring more safety and convenience to people's travel. Decorative glass beads are a kind of colored jewelry processed using the characteristics of glass beads. Some are used in artificial agate, and some are used in colored glass beads and decorative glass beads. These are inseparable from glass. Beads.

1. Easy to color
In fact, the glass microbeads themselves have no color, that is, the primary color. It does not want that the carbon sixteen substance itself is black, so the composition of the material is also colored. The glass microbeads have no color, so it is easy to color, which can meet the needs of users. This need can be made into any color.

2. Light texture
In fact, many people will hear glass microbeads and feel that this product is a common lifestyle product. Otherwise, it is more commonly used in the industrial scope. So its properties are also special. Glass The bead size is between 30 and 300 microns, and the thickness is about 2 microns, but it is lighter than an object of the same size. Although the volume is the same, for example, using a glass plate, using ordinary glass is better than using Glass beads are much heavier.

3. Low adhesion
Because the glass bead has a layer of oil-like substance on it, glass bead will not cause damage to the machine during production and will not adhere to the machine. When heated, it will flow faster and work faster than other substances, so its thermal conductivity is better.

From the above, it can also be seen that the use of glass beads is closely related to people's daily life and is an indispensable glass product.