An accurate introduction to the glass ball

Update time:19-10-2019

1. The sphere is smooth Individual glass spheres are al […]

1. The sphere is smooth
Individual glass spheres are all spherical, regular, and smooth, so it is easy to add pores that cannot be compensated for by irregular objects. It can slip into each pore of the object, and because it is a sphere, it is resistant. The pressure capacity is better, and it is not easy to deform even when squeezed strongly.
2. Stable nature
The chemical properties of glass spheres are relatively stable. This kind of stability can be chemically reacted with some substances but it is not easy to self-decompose, deteriorate and fail at high temperatures. Therefore, glass beads can be used in the aerospace field, even in high air pressure. It can also maintain a stable chemical hardness and ensure the normal flight of the aircraft.
3. Strong physical acceleration
Although the glass ball can be chemically stable and is not prone to qualitative change, the solid glass balls can accelerate its movement at high temperature. The glass bead is sensitive to temperature. The higher the temperature, the more fluid it will be and the faster it will be. Moving inside the physics, the reaction time of the object is faster.