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Yuyao Huangjiabu Pearl glass ball factory is professional

China Small Clear Glass Balls Suppliers and Clear Glass Balls Manufacturers

, located in Ningbo,Zhejiang province. 1 hours by high-speed rail to Shanghai and Hangzhou.
Since year 1998,we start to produce glass ball,that’s widely used in cosmetics,daily necessarily.Sprayer pump,bearing,bottle stoppers ball valve,and the application in chemical industry.
Our factory owning automatic fine grinding machine 60 sets,and handicrafts molding machine 10 sets.10 sets tolerance screening machines.
Roughcast glass ball production 2 tons each day.fine grinding glass ball production 10 million grains each day,from roughcast glass ball to fine grinding glass ball are one-step production,can provide customers with precision rang of Small glass balls for sale.
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Pearl Glass Ball Factory

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After continuous efforts and development for many years,now we can produce all kind of craft glass balls for sale,it is export to all over the world.

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We are a professional manufacturer with more than 20 years experience;


We have first-class production line and strict quality management system;


We can provide convenient and efficient OEM &ODM service for customers;


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  • What is the color of the glass...

    The glass beads are various in color and have a smooth surface and a round shape, and the main body is transparent and free from impurities. Placed in the sun, it is very bright. And the product has a high rounding rate of 85%, and the bubble content in the glass beads is generally less than 10%. It...

  • What are the performance chara...

    The first characteristic of the glass balls is that the price is relatively cheap, so it is naturally easy to get the public's approval, and it is widely used. The second feature is that it has good toughness, and its own stiffness is also very good. The third feature is that the melting point is re...

  • Glass ball packaging should me...

    a. It should be packaged in a soft and wear-resistant jute bag or other textile bag, which is lined with a liner to ensure that it is not contaminated or damaged during transportation. Each package should contain not less than 25kg net weight glass balls. All packages should clearly indicate the typ...

  • Characteristics and uses of so...

    1. Diameter: 0.5mm-25.4mm 2. Use: It is suitable for the cleaning and polishing of large and small metal, plastic, gold and silver jewellery and other objects. It not only restores the smoothness of the processed objects, but also strengthens the strength precision and special color effect of the ob...